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My Lunch (My Shot Parody)

I am not throwing away my lunch.

I am not throwing away my lunch.

Hey yo I’m just like a tree, I’m tall, strong, and green,

And I’m not throwing away my lunch.

Ima get a salad from the tallest tree,

I probably shouldn’t brag, but dag it’s great to be me.

The problem is a got a walnut brain, and no polish.

I gotta roar just to get more, with every growl I drop knowledge.

I’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal.

Trying to get some leaves, my power of reach is unimpeachable.

Only 30 feet but my mind is smaller.

These Pangea trees getting taller, I holler.

Every burden every disadvantage I have learned to manage,

I don’t have horns to brandish, I walk these forests famished.

The plan is, to turn this spark into a flame,

But damn it’s getting dark so let me spell out my name.

I am the A-L E-X A-N D E-R we are, eatin’ trees.

A colony that runs independently.

Meanwhile carnivores keep eatin’ on us endlessly.

Essentially, they kill us relentlessly,

Then Gorgosaurus turns around, runs a munching spree.

He ain’t ever gonna let the herbivores free,

So there will be a revolution in this century.

(Enter Me)

He says in parentheses.

Don’t be shocked when the fossil record mentions me.

I will lay down my life if it sets us free.

Eventually you’ll see my ascendancy.

And I am not throwing away my lunch.

I am not throwing away my lunch.

Hey yo I'm just like a tree, I'm tall, strong, and green.

And I'm not throwing away my lunch.


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