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A New Direction For Ol' KRR


I’m starting a new chapter in my illustrious writing career...NO

I’m turning the page...NOPE

I’m changing trajectories in regard to my struggling writing career. I don’t expect anyone to give a shit, but I’m going to sporadically chronicle these new beginnings as a way to keep myself accountable about the direction I’d like to go.


My experience as an author so far has been great. When I started, I had no idea if anyone would want to read anything I wrote. I have been pleasantly surprised more times than I can count. Some cool things I’ve accomplished include:

-Selling hundreds of books around the world (in at least 10 different countries!)

-Having my books discussed on a podcast (and multiple wonderful blogs!)

-Signing a 3-book contract with an Indie Publisher (Shadow Spark!)

-Funding a Kickstarter campaign (on my first try!)


I love what I’ve put out in the world. My first book, The Conjuring of Zoth-Avarex: The Self-Proclaimed Greatest Dragon in the Multiverse, is fun, funny, and unique. The third book in my trilogy, The Azure Archipelago, will come out in May of 2024. I’m really proud of this series and I think/hope people will love the way I wrapped it up. My Kickstarter project was a cozy fantasy called Mrs. Covington’s. I’m thrilled that my first attempt at crowdfunding was successful.


But while I’ve had some success, I feel like I’m leaving something on the table. I enter contests and I’m always bumped out in the first round. I’m not complaining, though! I understand completely. I seem to be somewhat lacking when it comes to truly capturing readers’ imaginations. My books have earned a handful of devoted fans but they haven’t really broken through into the consciousness of the Indie Fantasy world. My writing is simple, straightforward, and fun. I truly believe it’s good. Most people who read it seem to enjoy it.


But I want my next project to be different. I want to write a darker, grittier, chonkier stand-alone. I still want it to be fun, but I want to make it more complex, with big mysteries to unravel.


I feel I am capable of making huge strides in prose, character work, and story. My experience writing five books and my continued study of the craft has brought me to a place where I’m confident in my ability to level up.


Which leads me to my current project:


Title: FOOL


Tentative Blurb:


Kyrien’s ascendancy from prisoner of war to trusted “Fool and Advisor to the God-King” has been the stuff of storybooks. He owes his dramatic reversal of fortune to Vaerain, the God-King himself. Kyrien’s life in the capital city is blessed with fame, riches, and a beautiful young family.

But when his son is kidnapped by a group of unknown conspirators, his charmed world collapses. The people holding his son have one demand, which they believe Kyrien is in a unique position to grant—they want to know where the king, the only person in the world who wields god-like magic, gets his powers.

As Kyrien and his wife, Acali, begin to unravel this mystery under the watchful eyes of the king and his religious zealots, they learn that their blessed life has always had a severe cost and that a revolution is brewing amongst the poor and trampled in the city.

The deeper they dig, the more Kyrien finds himself in opposition to the man he once saw as his savior.

They will stop at nothing to find answers and get their son back, even if it means tearing the kingdom apart.


Anyway, after compiling tens of thousands of words worth of notes on this story, I’m finally ready to start writing. I haven’t decided whether I’ll self-publish and give SPFBO another go, or publish with Shadow Spark. As usual, they’ve been very generous and patient with me.


I plan on taking a year, maybe two, to complete this book. I am challenging myself to write something really fucking good.


As a way to ensure that I face this challenge wholeheartedly, I’ve already contracted Felix Ortiz to do the cover in 2025!!!


Thank you for reading :)


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