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2021- A Big Year For Ol' KRR

It's hard to believe that I didn't really dive into the writing community until earlier this year! It's such a big part of my life, now, and I'm so thankful that I have found so many wonderful people!

I don't want to blab on too long about all the cool stuff that happened this year, so I'll just do it bullet point style:

* My book, The Conjuring of Zoth-Avarex: The Self-Proclaimed Greatest Dragon in the Multiverse, came out on April 1st, 2021. It has done better than I could have hoped, earning the title of one of the "Best Indie Books of 2021" from Kirkus, and 26 reviews on Amazon, with an average of 4.5 stars. In all formats, it has "sold" about 800 copies. I put sold in quotes because most of the copies out in the world were obtained through free promotions. There are copies of my book in at least 8 countries, which blows my fragile little mind.

* I wrote another book, a low-key, choose-your-own-adventure style novella, as a follow-up to the first. It's called Zoth-Avarex's Escape Plan. It hasn't seen much success, but damn was it fun to write!

* I signed a 3 book deal with Shadow Spark Publishing! They will publish my nautical fantasy trilogy

starting on August 20th of next year. It is tentatively called The League of Islands Trilogy, and the first book is tentatively titled The Marauders, the Daughter, and the Dragon. More info coming soon... Shadow Spark is a great spot to have landed. Even though I feel like the quiet, shy one there, everyone has been really cool, and all of us authors have a really nice camaraderie :) There is something else happening next year that I can't talk about yet... But it's gonna be really cool!

* I was a guest on my first podcast! It was so great to chat with Sara and Lilly from Fiction Fans. They're my first (and possibly only) fans, and I am VERY thankful to have met them :)

* I started a series of interviews with authors, book bloggers, etc about humor in books. It has been really fun, and a great way to bond with fellow bookish people. One of the posts even got DOUBLE DIGIT views :)

* I've had the pleasure of delving into the world of Indie Fantasy this year, reading fantastic books from authors like Bjørn Larssen, Krystle Matar, Sean Gibson, C.M. Caplan, Zamil Akhtar, and Quenby Olson. I have SO many more books I'm looking forward to, including books from Thomas Howard Riley, Sue Bavey, Luke Tarzian, Clayton Snyder, Michael Fletcher, and basically ALL of my fellow Shadow Spark authors! (I'm sure I'm missing some people, here...)

Dang, writing all of that makes me extremely thankful. And I think next year will be even bigger. Books 1 and 2 of my trilogy will come out in 2022, and I'll be appearing on Fiction Fans 2 more times (once to talk about Terry Pratchett, and once in August when my book comes out)!

Thanks for listening as I shamelessly congratulate myself.

I hope you have a wonderful 2022!

K.R.R. (Kyle Robert Redundant) Lockhaven


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